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We have gone beyond the multilingual translation service; we now offer our customers technological and innovative linguistic solutions.

Multilingual Translations

In synergy

Software and Services for Human Understanding.

Thanks to the synergy with the international SDL network, we have enhanced the multilingual translation service to extend our offer to the entire translation process. In addition to the translation of all types of documents, the focus is on content management for the global market, new machine translation technologies and cultural localisation and transcoding concepts in over 180 languages and dialects.

The experience of the global network of SDL linguists is complemented by sophisticated automated translation tools. From the concept of language change, we move on to provide flexible solutions for specific needs. For example, through the translation management system, centralised translation management platforms can be created, whilst translation memories store previously translated words and concepts, thus maximising linguistic consistency and optimising turnaround times. This forms a revolution for the Italian market, with experimental points of interest such as the implementation of neural technology and artificial intelligence on advanced applications.

A combination of technology and highly qualified linguists enables you to transmit quality translations at incredible speed and on a surprising scale.

billion words translated per year by certified professionals
billion words translated per year by machine translation
languages and dialects
professionals linguists

We distinguish ourselves in this field through our consolidated experience, meeting tight translation turnaround times, the elevated requirement for confidentiality and guaranteeing impeccable control over publications and sensitive documents. Receive an innovative service of international scope by interfacing with a team that is fully aware of the needs of Italian customers for all types of corporate documents, all in combination with our integrated services.

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