Mergers and acquisitions processes are easier, with technological support for your decisions.

M&A Solutions

With our innovative services you are able to optimize your M&A processes, gain a better understanding of the due diligence phase and facilitate the consultation of multilingual documents.

Many integrated services and technological tools for more efficient M&A projects.


Securely manage large amounts of documents with the virtual data-room

Get useful information through data-room analytics

Translate large quantities of documents with machine translation services

Comply with privacy policy by obscuring sensitive data on numerous files

Find out about the services for extraordinary and restructuring operations

Virtual Data Room

Structure the data-room, upload the documents necessary for the operation. Gain valuable information about file access to direct your deal strategy. With Servif you can have the support of our dedicated project managers based in Milan, also to delegate the creation of the data-room to us.

Find out more about Venue Virtual Dataroom


Machine translation

Optimise the time and cost of translating large quantities of documents for internal use with automated translation, using state-of-the-art software. Machine translation allows you to manage large volumes of content, break down language barriers to better understand all the documents in the data room, speed up operation times and benefit from the security of human control.

Find out more about the translation services we offer in synergy with SDL


Redaction or anonymisation

The new stringent privacy rules require the anonymisation and pseudonymisation of large amounts of documents, often in the form of multiple file formats. With Guardum Protect, sensitive data can be identified and replaced, further speeding up the process and increasing security.

Learn more about our Redaction service in synergy with Guardum Protect

Managing every M&A operation with a solid ally like Servif allows you to make the most of the technology to focus on closing the deal.


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