Guardum Protect
Identify and protect your personal data with Guardum technology: the latest generation anonymisation or pseudonymisation software that helps you comply with the new GDPR regulation.

Guardum Protect

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Personal Information Discovery and Redaction

Developed by Guardum, Guardum Protect is the new software that identifies and protects personal data in files containing unstructured data (Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, email, zip).


Following the entry into force of the new GDPR regulation, in order to pass compliance tests, companies are required to increase measures for the protection of sensitive data and the IT security level. To fulfil these requirements, one of the relevant activities is redaction, that is, anonymisation or pseudonymisation of the personal data in their possession.

In addition, the new regulation has established that any individual, whose personal data is acquired, stored or processed by a company, is entitled to request a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request), which is a copy of that individual’s information that the company is required to provide within 30 days of the request.

Violation of this regulation may result in the application of fines equal to 4% of the company’s total turnover.


Guardum Protect helps you to identify and protect the personal data contained in documents, reducing working time by 91%*. No file conversion is required because the software acts directly on the native format and several documents can be analysed simultaneously. Data that need to be removed are quickly indicated, directly in the text, so that users can accept or reject the changes that are automatically proposed by the software.

(*) Data provided by customers and compared against historical data from the manual process.

Thanks to the ufoundmeTM technology that uses pattern-matching techniques, Guardum can rapidly respond to even complex DSAR requests.

Our redaction team, located in Milan, will support you throughout the entire process, whether we manage the software at our premises or whether it is installed directly on your local network. 

Simultaneous analysis of several files

Data processed in their native format

91% reduction in working time

Multilingual application

Dedicated support

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