Solutions to make the protection of sensitive data more accurate and avoid costly penalties.

Privacy and GDPR Solutions

Make numerous documents privacy-compliant in optimal time and cost. With our privacy and GDPR solutions, we install the redaction software or our team carries out the entire process.

All support to facilitate compliance with privacy and GDPR regulations.


Locate personal data in unstructured files

Anonymize sensitive information

Pseudonymizes, i.e. assigns an anonymous code

Tracks consumer information among numerous documents

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Search and obscure personal data in numerous files. The redaction consists in the anonymisation (obscuring) and pseudonymisation (assigning an anonymous code) of information that falls under the category of personal data.The software analyses documents, recognises and modifies sensitive content. The Servif redaction team can install the software at the customer's premises (self-service) or manage the entire process (full-service).

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DSAR (Data Subject Access Request)

Recover personal data on request. As required by law, the company is required to provide, within 30 days to anyone who requests it, a copy of their personal data acquired, stored or processed. Guardum's ufoundmetm technology allows this complex request to be fulfilled quickly, with all the support of our dedicated team. State-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team to help you with sensitive privacy compliance activities.

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