Venue Virtual Data Room by Donnelley Financial Solutions
Always keep control of sensitive data and under all conditions during M&As, capital increases via IPOs, document repositories and much more.

Venue Virtual Data Room

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Developed by Donnelley Financial Solutions and Servif solely for Italy, Venue is the virtual space for securely sharing highly confidential information in real time.

Venue is the market-leading technology chosen by thousands of companies worldwide that adapts to the pace of operations through a localised service. Whether for M&A transactions, IPOs, NPL sales or creating document archives, Venue facilitates the work of advisory service providers and their customers, thanks to advanced technology and the best-in-class support of dedicated Project Managers.

The high-tech support we bring exclusively to Italy covers the entire workflow. Thanks to the integration of Peloton, documents such as Information Memoranda can be shared in an interactive and personalised manner. Meanwhile, eBrevia analyses documents and extracts data with surprising levels of speed and accuracy, to facilitate contract analysis, due diligence and lease abstraction.

The Venue Suite follows you throughout the process, as it extends to the deal marketing and document analysis phases.

Application User Friendly
Application in 10 languages
Four time winner of the “M&A Atlas awards”

Since 2006, we have been working in the field of virtual data rooms, so that we can assist customers with dedicated Project Managers who are highly trained in the subject. With SERVIF, you are followed by a single player through every step of the way, from deal marketing to the closing phase, by integrating Venue with Donnelley Financial Solutions. The due diligence phase is more interactive than ever thanks to Peloton, and the analysis of complex documents is enriched by the artificial intelligence of eBrevia.

Controlled access and completely secure browsing

Switch from paper to digital files

Issuing of documentation on read-only USB, delivering within 24 hours

Two-factor authentication

22.275.193 pages uploaded since 2008

52.024 users since 2008

Upload by simple drag and drop or delegate to our team

ISO 27001 and SOC 2/AT 101 Certifications


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