Corporate reporting like you've never experienced before, from editing to stakeholder communication, including translation.

Corporate reporting solutions

We prepare and produce annual reports, non-financial statements, code of ethics and other corporate documentation, which we make accessible and consultable through communication channels.

A way of support born from a long experience in corporate reporting.


Optimize the reporting process with the disclosure management software 

Create externally communicable reports thanks to the added value of textual and visual synthesis

Communicate the contents of the report in a multi-channel perspective

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Aggregation of results

Anticipate the collection and aggregation of accurate and updated results for each business area with specially developed technological solutions. The automatic consolidation of the results of each department becomes easy thanks to the use of Certent, the disclosure management software that creates recurring internal reports.


Communication tools

Corporate reporting becomes a real communication tool in the hands of stakeholders. To facilitate consultation and understanding, over the years we have developed an approach based on visual and textual synthesis of content, accompanied by creative storytelling and an editorial style of documents.

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Translation services and technologies

Centralizing the translation service, through a network of +1200 certified linguists, allows us to reduce the number of steps and optimize the production of reports. The translation of the budget is possible in over 180 languages and dialects and made more efficient by the translation memory for the following years.

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Corporate Communication

In order to ensure that more people than those who have compiled the company's reports benefit from your content, we set up a multi-channel communication plan based on it. From website to social networks, including video summary tools and institutional campaigns: this is what we use to get the information to your stakeholders in addition to the report.

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A team of services that can be integrated with each other that will change the way you approach reporting for the better.


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